The word K-POP (Korean Popular Music), which everyone knows now, and its status is increasing day by day, and it has been recognized as a proper pronoun to the extent that it shakes the music world around the world.
In order for the globally recognized flow of K-POP to continue, there must be a sustainable growth model in which new content is provided to fans who enable the popularity of K-POP in line with the rapidly changing trend of the times.
As face-to-face services such as concerts and performances are already difficult due to the pandemic of COVID-19, digital markets such as Metaverse and NFT, which are possible non-face-to-face, are growing, and the domestic entertainment business structure is also increasing its weight.
SM and YG, Korea's leading entertainment companies, are also entering the NFT and blockchain markets, and are rapidly expanding their services in the Metaverse market.
But what if, unlike the closed and unreasonable structure of large entertainment companies, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) operating system that aims for decentralization could break away from the power-driven structure of the existing entertainment market and make decisions and share them together in a more transparent way?
Eight years ago, the K-pop Hallyu Cultural Foundation, which established K-POP corporation and has five subsidiaries, uses K-POP coins, DAO, and NFT to carry out a cultural content industry where the entire nation participates and shares values, not just for a few monopolized interests, entertainment companies, and large stars.