K-POP White paper

K-POP, not just the world, but the bigger world

As an axis of the Korean Wave, K-POP has already been recognized worldwide and is expanding its scope. There may be various reasons why K-POP was able to expand its base, but unlike in the past, it has been able to expand its base through various online marketing channels, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc
It was important that it spread quickly and widely to young people around the world.
In the absence of representative K-POP related coins and tokens, it will become an example of using the latest trends of NFT and DAO to promote K-POP to young people around the world, cheer for it, and participate in it to create K-POP fans and new supports around the world.
The expected effect of this will be an effective and fresh example of promoting K-POP in another way, and will serve as a foundation for supporting the K-POP DAO economy, which will be described later.