Legal Notice & Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimers
This document only deals with cryptocurrency as a good or service, and this is not a legal currency document.
The exchange of goods made by this document is not intended for the avoidance of damages or monetary gain against legal currency.
In addition, since acquiring cryptocurrency is an act of purchasing goods, not securities, the administered legal currency is consumed and money is lost.
  • This white paper has been distributed for general reference only to the K-POP COIN project and is subject to review and revision.
  • Please note that this white paper reflects the latest information based on the date on the cover and is not the final version.
  • The information contained in this document, such as the business operation and financial status of K-POP COIN, may be changed after that date.
  • This white paper may be updated irregularly.
  • No one is obligated to enter into any related contracts or legally binding vows with the sale of K-POP COIN and shall not receive funds based on this White Paper.
  • The sale of K-POP COIN is made through a legally binding contract and the details are provided separately from this white paper.
  • In the event of a discrepancy between the content of this White Paper and the Agreement, the Agreement shall take precedence.
  • This white paper shall be construed as a token sale or purchase proposal by K-POP COIN issuer/distributor/company in any event
  • This shall not be the case and the presentation of this document or the document itself shall not be based on or dependent on contract and investment decisions.
  • K-POP COIN is not intended to form a unit of securities, business trusts, or collective investment plan. Therefore, this white paper is not provided as a business plan, business description, proposal, etc. and should not be construed as an investment proposal or recruitment in any jurisdiction, such as securities, business trust units, or collective investment plans.
  • K-POP COIN participates in the K-POP COIN platform, K-POP COIN token, or product to buyers nvestment income / income / payment / profit or part of the amount should not be understood, interpreted, classified or treated as an opportunity to receive.
  • All or part of this document may not be reproduced, distributed, etc. by the regulated or prohibited jurisdiction of the coin/token issuance method specified in this white paper.
  • The information contained in this white paper has not been reviewed, inspected, or approved by regulators. These measures have not been taken in any jurisdiction and will not be taken in the future.
  • If you wish to purchase K-POP COIN, you should not understand, interpret, classify, or handle K-POP COIN as follows.
  1. 1.
    Currency other than cryptocurrency
  2. 2.
    Bonds and shares issued by any organization
  3. 3.
    Rights, Options and Derivatives on these Bonds and Shares
  4. 4.
    Differential contracts and other rights under contracts for the purpose of guaranteeing investment returns or avoiding losses
  5. 5.
    Units or derivatives of securities such as collective investment plans, business trusts, etc
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