K-POP White paper

What is "K-POP DAO"?

K-POP, one of the pillars of the Korean Wave, is a Korean Wave culture sharing economy membership platform that combines the brand name of Metaverse x Blockchain x Cooperative, and is a Korean Wave culture public participation cooperative that jointly invests in the value of the Korean Wave.
Introduction of Hallyu Culture Foundation = Co-operative is DAO
K-POP has been recognized as a trend by the name "Hallyu," which originated in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, but now it has become a representative brand as the name "K-POP," which expresses popular music, was created with the expansion of the global market.
Now, K-POP is Korea's representative brand in the global community, and it is an icon and pride that represents Korea.
If Hallyu culture has been driven by large stars such as large agencies and entertainment companies so far, digital equality rights should be given to anyone in the world to participate in and share values beyond the scope of existing organizations and countries.
The K-POP Hallyu Culture Foundation will implement this era agenda and, in particular, will lead the online and offline platform ecosystem. It was established with the goal of securing 10 million more global fandom-oriented users and 100 million people based on the 8th year of its foundation, and aims for development in a form where all members can strive and contribute to the development of a new cultural ecosystem.
Accordingly, the Hallyu Cultural Foundation is a cooperative that can be enjoyed by people around the world through DAO and anyone can enjoy K-POP beyond time and space.
In addition, famous artists are already guaranteed profits through fandom, but minor creators who have not formed fandom want to create a business model that can create both creation, distribution, and marketing by providing a system that can distribute music through blockchain and create fandom.