K-POP White paper

K-POP NFT - Confirm membership and offer a variety of benefits when retained

In order to participate in K-POP DAO, membership registration is required as a minimum requirement, and the membership registration method is to purchase "K-POP DAO Membership" issued by NFT.
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Purchased memberships guarantee permanent rights with NFT images. It is also possible to transfer and sell like a general golf course membership. Membership has two grades, general and VIP, and higher membership can benefit better.
K-POP NFT Membership Benefits
K-POP NFT VIP Membership Benefits
K-POP times subscription ticket
K-POP times subscription ticket
Discount on tickets for K-POP concerts once a month
Admission to the K-POP concert once a
month is free
(online free / offline 50%)
Concerts in Metaverse are free
Concerts in Metaverse are free
Metaverse Land Purchase Priority (White List)
(Application of 2nd discount)
Metaverse Land Purchase Priority (White
(Application of 1st discount)
Tickets for the year-end award ceremony on Metaverse
VIP invitation tickets for year-end
ceremonies (500 people drawn)
Tickets for the on-board party untact concert twice a year,
a performance by a famous singer
Invitation ticket to the shipboard party
twice a year (first-come, first-served 500
people), performance by famous singers
K-POP Artist NFT one Whitelist(2nd) Assignment
K-POP Artist NFT Whitelist 5 Priorities
1 character NFT whitelist in P2E game to be launched
5 character NFT whitelist in P2E game to
be launched
At the same time as proving that you are a member of DAO, you can receive a governance token (K-POP COIN) when you hold it, and the use of the governance token will expand and increase as the size of the K-POP DAO increases.