K-POP White paper

K-POP DAO - NFT & Partnership

K-POP DAO members will be given the right to participate first in the NFT project of K-POP-related celebrities. Later, as the community grows in unity, opportunities to participate in good projects will expand.
In addition, when collaborating with other communities, the benefits are distributed first to K-POP DAO members.
EX) K-POP DAO x Other Celebrity Project Partnership
Other Celebrity Project Partnership NFT will airdrop the project NFT for K-POP DAO members
Payment to K-POP DAO members
K-POP Dao Partnership x Other K-POP singer
Other K-POP singer NFT distributes participation rights to K-POP DAO members first
Currently, numerous NFT projects are working together in the direction of win-win with each other through collaboration and partnership, and the overall user is expanding.
The basic direction of K-POP DAO's partnership operation is as follows.