DAO Use Cases

DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization.
It is an organization that makes decisions and operates through rules enforced through smart contracts on the blockchain.
The most important feature and advantage of DAO is transparency.
It is more transparent than a company with a traditional structure because anyone can easily view the entire activity history of the DAO.
LinksDAO sells a collection of NFTs for golf course purchases, and the owner provides various perks such as the right to become a member to purchase golf course memberships, discounts on usage fees, and membership-only community participation rights and distributes profits.
Metafactory designs fashion culture-related products by designers, selects them by vote, produces and sells products, and shares profits from sales. As a result, designers design more diligently, and voters vote for good design and personal promotion.
As a result, the virtuous cycle of this structure increases sales volume and shares more revenue
In addition, various products, real assets, and projects are operated in the form of DAO's organization.